The cultivation of olive trees has been an integral part of Chrisanidis's family tradition for many years and its roots are stretching back to the previous century. Our olive groves, located on the beach of Folea and Vrasidas Peninsula,  offer tasty olives from special varieties which are either packaged and served as edible, or destined for olive oil production.


The extra virgin olive oil branded as "Local Products - Chrisanidis Olive Grove " is a pure, top-quality olive oil, free of impurities, with low acidity, golden-green colour and unique taste and aroma.


It is worth mentioning that a small part of the 2015's production comes from unripe olive fruit, therefore has a distinctive flavour and aroma of fresh olives.



It has not been filtered in order to keep all its precious ingredients and we offer it as "Agoureleon" (*ripe olive oil juice). Agoureleon should not be used for cooking, but exclusively for raw food (e.g. salads, boiled meet and fish).


Chrisanidis Olive Grove is currently offered in appropriate 5L tins and very soon in a special premium gourmet version!