CHRISANIDIS SA is a technical - commercial - agricultural- tourism company based in Kavala, a seaside town, 165 km away from Thessaloniki.


Building construction has been the company's main activity for almost 40 years. Charalampos N. Chrisanidis, (founder and ex-CEO) has been a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece since 1977). Him and his valuable partners have worked very hard to establish the company as one of the most reliable business in North Greece.


CHRISANIDIS SA activity includes:


-Private projects, issuing of building permits, evaluation and real estate expertise as a technical consultant to banks. 


-Building and sale of residences in the city of Kavala and the west coast of the prefecture (N. Iraklitsa, N. Peramos, Coastal Egnatia).


So far the company has offered its services to more than 200 families, by building houses, apartments and residences both in the city and the countryside. The combination of know how and quality materials has been the company's trademark for all these years.


-Public works, mainly buildings, such as conference centers, primary and secondary schools, which require detailed knowledge, careful monitoring and supervision.


-Waterproofing, insulation and drywall works, which require specialized knowledge for both materials and modern methods.


-The construction, purchase and utilization of valuable real estate.


-Since 1985, alongside the construction activity, the company has entered the area of  building and insulation materials trade. Reliability, efficiency and affordability are the triptych of its success.


Collaborating with its reputable suppliers, CHRISANIDIS SA offers customers modern and appropriate materials to cover a huge variety of needs, such as insulation, waterproofing, dry wall,  repair and restoration, decoration, etc.



-In 2008, CHRISANIDIS SA decides to enter the food sector, by launching its own factory at Myrtofyton, Kavala, branded as  "Original Flavours".


The new, fully-equipped factory is being issued all the quality and hygiene certifications required and starts the production of traditional preserves, jams, olive oil and other products which stand for their taste and purity.


-In 2015, Nikolaos Chrysanidis, the son of Charalampos, business consultant and manager of holiday rentals, takes over as the CEO aiming to develop the company as an important player in various dynamic fields emphasising on tourism. Meanwhile, his father remains in charge for the technical-commercial part.